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is Latin for Success.
For leaders to succeed they must consistently deliver results. Jim Jordano, the results specialist, established Profectus Management Advisory Group with a single purpose, to help leaders succeed in achieving their goals and objectives.

Typical client results include:

  • Growth in revenue and new product development.
  • Increased productivity and expanded margins.
  • Streamlined processes and lower overhead costs.
  • Lower working capital and higher cash flow.
  • Increased employee engagement and buy-in to change initiatives.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and greater brand loyalty.
We understand that all clients are unique. Customized advice and assistance is at the heart of the Profectus advisory model.

At Profectus, Your success is our business.
"I had the opportunity to work with Jim on a critically important business intervention involving all aspects of the value chain, with direct impact on sales, profits and cash flow. Not only did Jim learn a new industry in a matter of days, but he also diagnosed the key business issues, facilitated the action plan, catalyzed the team to action and guided us through the improvement plan. I was amazed at how fast Jim got to the root cause issues and how well he interacted with the team. It was as if Jim became a part of our company. All that was really impressive, but what I will most remember is how Jim rolled up his sleeves and got involved in the improvement process.”
Keith Johnson
Vice President, Harris CapRock
“Over a career of more than 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many consultants, but none of them were as effective as Jim at driving real results fast. I would recommend Jim to any organization that needs to improve their performance. Jim gets it done."
Keith Johnson
Vice President, Harris CapRock
“Jim is a professional who is a quick study, disciplined, analytical, and organized in the way that allows creative problem solving. He can quickly identify key performance gaps, diagnosis the root cause issues, and develop improvement plans with a long focal length. What makes Jim really unique is his ability to do this through collaboration in a team environment. He knows solutions must come from the team to be sustainable."
Jan Allen
President, Impact Bioenergy
“Jim is a driven professional who get things done. He has a talent for quickly getting to the heart of business critical issues and forcing positive change. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim on a critical customer satisfaction initiative and I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to get things done under difficult operating conditions. I look forward to working with Jim again, as he delivers real value for the organization.”
Jim Rickaby
Vice President, Harris CapRock
“Profectus truly exemplifies what effective consulting is all about. They quickly worked with our team to understand the business requirements and constraints and drove hard to achieve our project objectives. We were very pleased with the results. I would recommend Profectus to any company looking for effective solutions to challenging business problems.”
Dave Jensen
Director, Assured Applications Management, Harris Corporation
"Jim brings clear thinking and a practical, honest approach to performance improvement that not only quickly generates momentum, but also provides deeper insight into the business. He has a collaborative and results-oriented consulting approach that quickly delivers tangible impact and earns the respect of the team. Jim is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend him to any organization."
Jim Morris
President, Harris Information Network Services
"Jim is a results-oriented thinker who quickly diagnoses organizational issues, develops an actionable plan and drives the plan over the goal-line. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jim and learned a lot from that experience. He is smart and a real catalyst."
Paul McMenemy
Co-Founder, Harvest Power
“Jim was able to quickly diagnose the root cause issues and align the team around a shared vision and action plan to gain rapid improvement. Jim is particularly good at getting everyone involved in the improvement process and buying-in to the solution. With Jim’s help the business is now on a strong footing both operationally and financially. We could not have done it without Jim’s strong support."
Jeff Leech
Regional Vice President, Harvest Power
"Jim is a master at driving major improvement. I have worked with Jim on several process improvement initiatives, across industries and geographies, involving millions of dollars in productivity gains. Jim always delivers. If you need to make significant improvement, you need Jim."
Omar Fathi
CIO, Otis Elevators
“Jim quickly identified opportunities to leverage our capabilities, clarify the value delivered to clients, and streamline the marketing message. It’s enlightening to see how Jim’s vast experience allows him to guide the value creation process. I highly recommend Jim for anyone who needs a trusted advisor."
Michael Flores
Vice President, Xchanging

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